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  • Intensive, submersion course focused on catapulting you to the next level by focusing on shifting your mindset, removing old habits, and disrupting patterns that have held you back from the success you're looking for...

  • All entrepreneurs welcome! Entry level to multi-million dollar earners have been through the Wealth Creators Course and have achieved amazing results...

  • 12 week Course, (2) Zoom classes per week - 12 Live Interactive Classes, 12 Recorded Classes...

  • Special Guest Pass to the WGP Inner Circle Updates... This is an Elite Group of Entrepreneurs that focus on Leveling up, Paying it forward by diversifying and connecting with other entrepreneurs...

  • Special Access to Podcast and Interviews Exclusive to The WGP and Wealth Creators...

  • Exclusive Invitations to private Q&A Zooms with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs...

  • EARN money! Upon completion of the course, you will be assigned an affiliate link to earn commissions referring the course to others...

  • Exclusive Circle of entrepreneurs to connect with...


    "You become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with."  ~ Jim Rohn

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Fall 2020

Hear What Our Students Are Saying:

If I were to choose my Top 3 words for summing up my experience with the Wealth Creators Course and Cynthia Delaney, they would be:

Over-Deliver – Talk about a WOW experience, not only are the live online trainings full of value and really deep dive into 12 fundamental areas for success, the daily emails keep you thinking and working on a very high level. The nature of the homework helps the participants really build the right wealth tools to deliver real results.

Authentic – Not only is this a topic that is intertwined throughout the course, it is a core value for Cynthia and all the Wealth Creators collaborators. When you understand how you uniquely add value and then be true to yourself – good things happen. We all have a story that can help empower us by being who you truly are.

Passion – You can literally feel the energy and passion coming through the computer.  You never doubt the passion that Cynthia has for helping entrepreneurs become successful. This enthusiasm is contagious and makes us all more passionate about our own dreams.

The overall experience is a fire hose of authentic, passionate and a real wealth-building program.

Nancy Mayer
Profit Strategist  & Game-Changer
Power Play Profit Solutions

My name is Julie Wetteland, I live in Gilbert AZ, and am feeling very blessed to have been offered the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. To be totally honest....To share my take aways from this course is no small request. To begin, based on all my years in the business world (corporate, self employed, etc.), I've never felt as confident and ready for next steps in my life both, personally & professionally as I do now. The content provided through this experience has been the best of the best. I just wish this type of information and content had been a part of my life many, many years ago. Anyone embarking on new a ambition, pursuit, business opportunity, needs to be challenged to be more than you were yesterday or the day before that,  this course provides a way to achieve that. This course is exactly what the majority of those I network with could truly use to move them and their ambitions forward. Thank you Cynthia for all you do to educate, support and inspire each and everyone of us. This has been a Life Changing experience for me. Seize the day, the opportunity, that new idea when it comes your way, there is no time like the present, because if you don't, "you won't get it back".

Julie Wetteland


Hello! My name is Marquis Jacobson. Over the last 12 weeks I have seen such incredible improvements happen within myself. I am twenty years of age, and previously before taking the Wealth Creators Course, I lacked in the area's of consistency, my confidence needed improvement, and willing to take action. In return, things on my agenda were not getting done. After taking the WCC, I have thought about how much this course has truly changed my way of thinking, doing and overcoming obstacles I have had in my life. I realized a lot of the time, I played the victim card, and wanted things to get better for me, but did not take the steps to get out of those situations. The Wealth Creators Course helped me figure out what I want and need in order to become successful as an entrepreneur! A Huge takeaway from being involved with the WCC, is kicking the bad habits I did not know I had to the curb. Another takeaway I love to share is that I knew my vision, but I just didn't have people who could see it or support it. After joining a group of passionate, driven, loving, caring and eager individuals; I found out who I was truly made to be. I chose to be a winner. I chose to be me, I chose to share my vision, my passion, my mission, and MY STORY!  I am so proud to be the man that I am today, and could not have done it without taking the WCC. #WIN

Marquis Jacobson


Hello! My name is Ashley Boyett, I reside in Tucson, Arizona and I am in the field of health and wellness. My decision to join the WGP's Wealth Creators Course, was one of the best choices I have ever made! Cynthia Delaney the creator of this course is extremely knowledgeable in creating and building your own business. Her work and guidance throughout the course has inspired me to dream bigger and to reach for more as an entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or you already own your own business, Cynthia will guide you through an information packed, yet easy to understand 12 week course that will motivate and push you to the next level in your journey. I LOVE that this course not only focuses on the business aspect but also the mindset and passion you have to have to succeed as an entrepreneur. This course has opened my eyes to what I can and will achieve and Cynthia has presented it in a fun, yet tough, loving way that most of us truly need. I really enjoyed the guest speakers who bring their knowledge and advice based on their experience in business. I would like to thank the Wealth Creators Course for providing a positive environment for me to learn and grow as a person and as an entrepreneur!!!

Ashley Boyett


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