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    "You become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with"

    ~ Jim Rohn




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Our #1 priority is YOU! The Entrepreneur!


The WGP Focuses on Diversification, Connections, Community and Education









The Wealth Creators Course is Now Offered:

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Wealth Creators Live: 12 weeks, (2) Zoom Classes per week, 12 Live Interactive Classes, 12 Recorded classes, Special Edition Webinars with Guest Entrepreneurs, Special Guest Pass to the WGP Inner Circle Updates, Access to Podcast and Interviews Exclusive to WGP and Wealth Creators, Invitations to private Q&A Zooms with Multi-Million dollar Entrepreneurs,  Upon Completion of the Course, you will be given an Affiliate Link to refer others to this course, $1999. 

Wealth Creators Online: 12 weeks, The online course completely works around your schedule focuses on slingshotting you as an entrepreneur to the next level. You are included in exclusive invitations to private Q&A Zooms with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, Affiliate link, $797.

Week by Week: We are offering the 12 proven key strategies for entrepreneurs in individual, week long courses.  These are best used as a refresher for areas you may be struggling in, $197. 




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The SMW 10 Day Challenge teaches you how to disrupt old patterns that aren’t serving you and create the life you’ve been dreaming of!


  • SMW Focuses on What Women Want and What They Are Asking For!

  • We Bring the Balance to Your Life That Will Transform You


  • This Strong Community of Women Gives You Permission To Be You, Helps You Find Your Voice & The Power of Your Story

  • SMW Encourages You To Go For It All! Family! Global Business & Your Legacy! & Shows You How To Achieve It!

  • We Teach Women How to Embrace Their Superpower! Let Your Intuition Strengthen You!

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Inner Circle Crypto Master Course



The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Bitcoin and Altcoins on the Cryptocurrency Exchange!


Would you like to learn the quickest and easiest way to get into Cryptocurrency Investing? 


If so, you will love Inner Circle Crypto Master Course!


 This course will teach you how to buy Bitcoin with ease, how to send your Bitcoin over to various exchanges so that you can start trading immediately!


 2019 gives you an opportunity to purchase Cryptocurrencies at mid-2017 prices before mainstream adoption takes place. Thousands of Entrepreneurs have discovered that Cryptocurrency investing is the best way to fund their retirement, sometimes making 100 times their money back on ONE coin!


 Most people have spent most of their life missing the boat - So many people missed the goldmine periods for websites, domain flipping, teaching online and mobile apps! 


 I am grateful today that I have landed slap bang in the middle of the biggest GOLDMINE of our generation, Cryptocurrency trading! And you can benefit from it too! 


 In this course, I will teach you my 1,2,3, step by step main strategies when looking for coins to invest in. I will also show you the two main buying strategies that will allow you to make gains both on a short term and long term basis!


You will see the exact ways to identify the next big coin and learn how to be in the drivers seat to make gains on it’s exploding price!

Don’t delay, this is a party that is happening right now!


 Every minute you delay could be costing you your retirement fund!

If you would like to learn the exact Step-by-Step system for [Quickly] building a [Profitable] Online Business based on [Your Passion] in the niche of your choice… The B-Y-O-B “Build Your Online Business” is for you!


Learn how to create the online lifestyle business you have always wanted to by following simple step by step 1-2-3 instructions that take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. At the end of this program you will have your very own fully functioning online business ready to begin generating profits for you 24/7.




Eliminate the tech nightmare. I’ll teach you how to eliminate up to 8 different software programs so you can save ton of time, a ton of money, and save your sanity! Register Today! $1997


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